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DFRobot’s Public Highlights of 2013

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Looking back at the events, shows, milestones and announcements of the year 2013, we are proud of being one active participant in the global wave of maker movement, and are grateful of helping and being helped by the community on a mutual beneficial basis. Collaboration, shared efforts and improved technology capabilities were important themes throughout the year 2013. Below are some of the highlights tallied by us.

  • Mind+ Beta Version Released

Mind+ is a flow-like visual programming software for Arduino that enables anyone to make fast prototypes intuitively and enjoys hardware hacking even without programming background. Instead of getting yourself taught with programming lessons, it allows your to dive right into hardware hacking and have the fun.

At Maker Carnival Shanghai 2013, the team met Mich Altman and was invited to hardware hacking section at 30C3 in Germany.


  • Maker Faire Bay Area, 2013

It was truly a splendid show & tell of everything and everyone on earth:) We brought a bunch of nice toys such as the Cheapduino, Laser Keyboard and 3D scanner but the foremost joy came from winning the Editor’s Choice at Maker Faire!


  • Campus Scientist UPCT 2013, Spain

We have been sponsoring this university graduate course called ”Cooking your own microrrobot” in Spain to promote the interest of hardware and electronics, specially to students, (but not only, also professors, researchers, and so on) the interest in the develop of their own micrrorobots.


In the second annual technology competition organized by the School of Telecommunication Engineering at the UPCT, A curious project “Avition”sponsored by DFRobot, consisting of a model of a flexible cell processing , cleaning and sorting chicken eggs low cost and implemented by students – Salar Adrian David Espin under the direction and coordination of Professor Sergio Gallardo, won the 1st prize. Congratulations!


  • Dallas Personal Robotics Group’s Roborama 2013A

DFRobot as one of the sponsors of this great event, we are very glad to see the successfully held of this year’s Roborama 2013A.

The Dallas Personal Robotics Group (DPRG), founded in June of 1984, is one of the nation’s oldest special interest groups dedicated to the development and use of personal robotics. The DPRG is a 501(c)(3) not for profit educational organization. DPRG members are interested in autonomous robots, movie replica robots, vintage robots, robot and kinetic art, as well as just about anything involving electronics, technology, or science.


  • World Maker Faire New York, 2013

You might never have this kind of discount again! At World Maker Faire New York, we shipped two large parcels of hardware and modules and gave our dearest friends a great bargain, ha.


  • Maker Carnival Shanghai, 2013

As a proud host of the biggest maker meetup and demonstrations in east China every year, the 2013 one was definitely a great success. Organizing over 80,000 attendees and over 100 maker/organizations wasn’t easy, but we did it, and we’ll keep on hosting.


  • Shanghai’s 2nd Hackerspace, Mushroom Cloud opens to public

Fully supported by DFRobot, Mushroom Cloud derived its name from explosion of ideas and collaborative minds. Guests and members of Mushroom Cloud are able to use full range of hardware and handy tools/machines to create their own projects. Routine workshops, talks and meetups are also held.



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