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Homemade Robotic Arm

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The robotic arm in the below picture is the second robotic arm prototype. It’s fully equipped with three touch sensors, one slip sensor, a camera and a microphone. It has ten servo motors, six to control the arm and four to control the gripper.All ten servos are digital with metal/titanium gear.The arm’s length, from shoulder to the gripper’s centre, is about 18 inches or 52 centimetres.


It’s capable of lifting about 1kg. The maker had to add four heat sinks to dissipate the heat from servos and also add a system of springs, at the shoulder and elbow level to compensate for the arms weight. The base support is of massive iron and it weights 10kg – The maker also had to add this in order to compensate for inertia created by fast movements of the arm. And also had to add rubber mounts at key points to damped/absorb the vibrations.

There are some twenty one cables running down the arm segments, which was quite a challenge to fit through a tube with an inner diameter of only 10mm. At the joints cables will run though flexible cable guides.


All joints run on ball bearings, including the gripper’s four segments. At the base, the shoulder is supported by a heavy duty, high precision four bolt flange bearing.

which will be followed soon by a third version, which will bring in additional sensorial structural and improvements.

For more info please go into the source.

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