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January Free Trial – 2.8” USB TFT Touch Display for Raspberry Pi!

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The Free Product Trial goes on in 2014! For this month’s free trial, we’ve prepared 5 units of the new 2.8” USB TFT Touch Display for For Raspberry Pi for you to WIN and TEST OUT!


Like MiniPC, with a compact system but containing considerable computing resources, becomes the computing solutions the various enthusiasts and many open source hardware vendors have been dreaming of for some time. However, some interactions like debugging or displaying for MiniPC still need those bulky HDMI monitor or even TV.


This portable USB monitor with touch screen is designed specifically for MiniPC with size just of a business card, and only requires one USB cable to make it work without additional power supply.


  • Extensive Device Support

You could leverage it as a display to present most of embedded development board on the current market (such as RaspberryPi, Cubieboard, etc.). Benefit from USB interface that provides opportunity for those devices that cannot connect with monitor for display in the past like Router. In addition, we support Arduino Yun and Intel Galileo Developer Edition!

  • Standard Device Interface

With the drivers developed by RoboPeak, RPUSBDisp can be identified as a standard display and touch-screen device by target operating system, that means any existing graphical interface program can be displayed without any modification.

  • Open Source Brings More Possibilities

As an open source project, we provide its schematics, communication protocols, Linux kernel driver code and so on. That helps you create more creation easily based on RPUSBDisp.

How To Use It

  • Display Resolution: 320×240
  • Color Depth: 16bpp
  • Screen Size: 2.8 inch
  • Communication: USB2.0 Full-Speed
  • USB Interface Specifications: Micro-USB
  • Touch Screen: Resistive Single Point
  • Size: length 74mm, width 60mm
  • Weight: 50g
How to Make A Valid Application
  • a. You should provide us with a brief description of the purpose of use in your project, and the time you will be able to finish a test report on this product.
  • b. Please also include your email address(very important), DFRobot account(important), age and occupation(if applicable)
  • Applications that fulfilled BOTH a & b will be considered valid. Leave these info as comment below or email to marketing@dfrobot.com

If you are able to provide us a test report of our giveaway product afterwards, we in return are more than happy to grant you further privileges in the coming campaigns. The free trial will end at 24 Jan, 2014. To enter for a chance, be quick!

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9 responses to January Free Trial – 2.8” USB TFT Touch Display for Raspberry Pi!

  1. Hi , I would love to test your screen with my Solar Bird Box Camera project – running currently with my three kids and hopefully soon with their school.

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  2. My current project is an RC rock crawler controlled by an Arduino and with machine vision(open cv) run on a Raspberry pi. Would love to give the robot a touchscreen. Project will be featured at a technology conference in April. Would be able to give feedback two weeks after first receiving screen. Thanks!

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  3. I am currently conducting research on self control in children. This would be great to control the train set we test the children on. Over and out from NZ.

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  4. Hello, am interested in the 2.8″ USB TFT touch display. Got notified it via Facebook. I am going to make a project of a desktop bot which will be capable of human interaction. My idea is that the face of the bot will be displayed via this touch screen and since this is Touch sensitive, we would be able to interact with it via simple actions like twisting it’s ear, poking it’s nose and so on. This kind of bot can be easily implemented into the field of Autism therapy. In addition to that I also have a PCduino, on which I will be able to test this Touchscreen for compatibility. It would be really nice if I get one test out.

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  5. Hello I use a beaglebone black to run the Arduino IDE and thus upload programmes to my robots. I would use this display for this purpose as a portable control station.

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  6. Hello im working on a automation system for my Truck using raspberry pi, gertduino, and a gsm module text based commands engine start locks radio multimedia windows and tracking this would be great for in truck heads up display
    once received about a week or two with full code an function im a head mechanic at a dealer ship and went to college for computer science

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  7. My current project is a MAME cabinet as a project for my elementary/primary level classroom. Focus is would be having the students take the pi, build the cabinet and use the display as a classroom project. I am 34, I do not have a Dfrobot account and I am obviously a teacher.

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  8. I am currently working with some of my friends on making a custom operating system for gaming and this display seems perfect. I am 16 and has been working on the project for 2 months. The idea of the project is to create an OS for the raspberry pi which accelerates and uses the CPU and GPU power of the board to full extent.The code will be distributed and programmers can make compatible games and publish on the internet, thus building a big community. This is a fully open source project and is codenamed project “PRO-PI”. the website will be put up soon.

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