With so many years development of the internet, we can connect different applicants in your home, which used to be considered a dream. Such a technology is called The Internet of Things that not only can monitor data flows in the network, but also can control different equipments on it. The most popular example is to use an iphone to check temperature, humidity or air quality which sent by sensors in the house. Is it difficult to make?  Absolutely not, we can be sure to tell you: such a network is so easy that you can make it just with an Arduino controller, several sensors and relays. Of course, you also need a smart phone, like iphone.   

Xhouse is the first IOS App of Living Intelligence System designed for DIYer, Arduino player and electronics enthusiast. With Xhouse and some simple hardwares platform, you can easily monitor indoor and outdoor environmental parameter like temperature, humidity and so on.

You can put different sensors and equipments to this network, then control them with just one mobile terminal, like iphone and ipad. You don’t have to be mad with so many remotes and switches in your house. Just touch your smart phone, you can turn on/off lights, feed pets, or brew coffee. Come along with us to constructure such a platform and experience smart city life.

Our creation is based on Arduino platform. So we choose Xboard Relay board, which is already integrated with ethernet shield and two relays. It’s good all-in-one solution to build your home automation platform. And It’s also available for you to build it with Arduino controller, Arduino Ethernet shield and several Arduino compatible relay modules!

Firstly, we introduce a project to use iphone to monitor temp and humidity and control a LED light. The components and connecting diagram are shown as follow.

Hardware List:

Step by Step Tutorial

1. Hardware connection

First of all, we connect a temp&humidity sensor with Xborad relay terminal. Please be sure that red line (power) should be on 5V pin, blue line (signal) on D2 digital pin and black line on GND pin.



Connect LED to the relay and power as following diagram. It’s the simple way to show you how to use the Relay module controlling the home electronic devices.



Connect Xboard to local network using ethernet cable. And connect Xboard and your PC. Finish building hardware platform easily. Let’s upload the code to Arduino.

2. Upload sample code to Arduino processor

Please unzip and install the AJson and Metro library to your Arduino IDE folder(Arduino/libraries). Then open the ios to xboard sample code and upload it to your xboard or Arduino processor.

Xhouse sample code and libraries

Don't forget to notice that choose the right board(Arduino leonardo) and right serial port in your Arduino IDE when programming. Then press "Upload" to program your Xboard controller.


3. Install and open xhouse app on Apple store.


The simple user interface of the xhouse will be quite easy for you to understand how to use it. As you connected the humidity and temperature sensor to your Xboard Relay board. You could check the temperature and humidity in your house directly now! And press the “Open source button”, you could control the Relay module to turn on and off LED directly!

Let’s build your home automation platform now!

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8 responses to Xhouse

  1. Please make an android app too.  Many tinkerers are now using android.



  2. Please make an android app too.  Many tinkerers are now using android.



  3. I agree with Tom,  Android support is much more desireable.  Android is a maker's/developer's platform, IOS isn't.


  4. Theres no need for either an IOS or an Android app.

    You can modify the Arduino code to make an any mobile device enabled website.


  5. 1) How does your xboard or the UNO sense dust particles as depicted in your demo screen?

    2) what is the maximum sensor resolution of the particulate measurable to?

    3) Can any Arduino compatible gas sensor be Hobbed into the project? Ie.: what are the min/max parameters of your API?

    (I'm hoping to sense <0.3 to <0.5 micron Aerosol metals)

    Thanks, -Tony


  6. Can access it from internet?

  7. I have two (2) XBoard relays on my network, I tried to change the MAC address in this sketch, App could not detect the device, changed back to original MAC address, App ran as expected, but my 2nd Xboard relay (MyDoorOpener App) stopped working.

    Suggestion on how to get both Xboards working?

    • Hello,
      Are you connecting them at the same time? Whether it caused by the data conflict? They are using the same port.

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