2A Dual Motor Controller
2A Dual Motor Controller 2A Dual Motor Controller 2A Dual Motor Controller

2A Dual Motor Controller

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This is a4.8-46V, 2A Dual Motor Controller which is the revised version of the DF-MDV1.0. Its performance has been improved greatly. It can bear larger current due to the increased haetsink dissipation. It is easy to control, using LGS's outstanding high-power motor driver chip, the L298N. This chip allows for direct drive of two bi-directional DC motors, and incorporates high-speed short diodes for protection. Drive current up to 2A per motor output. The driver uses a broad-brush design to reduce wire resistance.



  • The logic part of the input voltage: 6 ~ 12V
  • Driven part of the input voltage Vs: 4.8 ~ 46V
  • The logical part of the work current Iss: 36mA
  • Drive part of the operating current Io: 2A
  • Maximum power dissipation: 25W (T = 75 degree Celsius)
  • Control signal input level:
  • High level: 2.3V = Vin = Vss
  • Low:-0.3V = Vin = 1.5V
  • Operating temperature: -25 degree Celsius ~ +130 degree Celsius
  • Drive Type: Dual high-power H-bridge driver
  • Module Size: 47 mm × 53mm
  • Module Weight: About 29g



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