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Maybe try to downgrade baud rate to 9600? (on Android: serialBegin(9600); and on Arduino: Serial.begin(9600); )

I also have problems on DFR0339/ATmega328 search.php?author_id=111799&sr=posts. After downgrading l could communicate when Bluno is plugged to the PC.


It seems I can only communicate with Bluno over Bluetooth at 9600baud. At this rate I can read from Serial at Bluno and receive data on the phone.

If I up the rate to 19200, I get garbage back. :oops:

• The SKU of the product you are having issues with: DFR0282
• What IDE? Arduino IDE v 1.8.5
• What is the intended function of your project? Transmit numerical information over Bluetooth.
• Are you using any libraries? No. See above.
• Provide a sample of the code: Code above.

I just got Bluno Beetle V1.1 and I am trying to make it talk via Bluetooth to Android. I can connect but when I Send Data "123" I get back garbled characters (not random), why? Is it some encoding problem? How do I fix that? I/System.out: onCharacteristicWrite success:12345 I/System.out: onCharacter...