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userHead Madmart 2014-07-12 00:16:05 8306 Views1 Replies

I have my kit working well and logging data, thankyou Stanley for packaging the core elements of odb connectivity into an easy to setup and learn Arduino project.

Now I am thinking of adding extra sensors to do things like:

1. Anti roll bar angle deduction - this could be used to work out strut compression and then deduce body roll/pitch. This could further be added to an algorithm to calculate force through the wheels and grip levels.

2. Steering position - add to the above and understeer/oversteer could be deducted.

In terms of sensor types the data for can be found, however, due to the distances wiring and signals need to travel , current car sensors would be beneficial as these things are taken care of already. I have a BMW E65 DSC roll bar sensor to prototype my ideas.

To that end has anyone thoughts of how to do this with the current kits, with or without an LCD shield. I'm looking at BLE to send my data to a tablet, allowing me to use the GPIO or an extender. I'll post a diagram soon for comments.

2014-08-14 23:15:31 Quick update.

Have some parts to build a bench rig with 4 x rotary pots to work up some code and get some results logged and on the display.

Also found a very good paper by James Hakewill who's effectively done this with some A-D conversion feeding a race logger. I hope to emulate this and if practicable package an addon. Here's the link [url=][/url]

My E65 745 has four of these sensors, and I'm looking for some used one to hook up to a harness. There will be some voltage issues which I'll need to overcome before interfacing with the Arduino.

userHeadPic Madmart