Bluno General Arduino


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I am trying to use a bluno nano as a simple blietooth HID device with 2 bottons. I purchased the usb link to use on a pc. I have set the nano as a hid device and also set it to . I can get the nano to communicate with the link via serial monitor. Windows only reconizes the 2 devices as uno's. It doesnt reconize anything as a hid device in windows. I am trying to make something like a wireless gamepad but there is no arduino sketches that support the uno. So how can you use this nano on a pc and not a android or ios. I bought the usb link thinking this would be just like any arduino type board but this board doesnt want to upload sketches or just plain doesnt work as you advertise it to be. I should be able to upload a joystick sketch and windows reconize it as a game controller but as as a uno there is no libraries for it because the uno doesnt support hid.. any suggestions or examples for using the nano as a wireless game controller..
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