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Many friends bought our L298p motor driver, and also many use it drive stepper, I am still in wondering how to make it? :D Now, let's take a look at how to use this expansion shield?

Reading: How to run a bipolar stepper motor by this motor driver?
1 Get your stuff ready. ( different module may have Specific parameters, notice for that!)

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1.1 [email protected] 7.5V 1A DC

1.2 Uno(Other controler supported)

1.3 Notice: Check if there were six jumper/map on the shield , if the PWM/PLL match your code in your Uno ( controler ).

1.4 motor: IS it broken, check with direct DC power supply to run it.

1.5 DC wire connecter

2 Sketch(Upload the PLL sketch to my Uno, the jumpers is on the four PLL pins), You can also use the PWM method. The differrence between them refering to
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int E1 = 4;   
int M1 = 5;
int E2 = 7;                         
int M2 = 6;                           
void setup()
    pinMode(M1, OUTPUT);   
    pinMode(M2, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(E1, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(E2, OUTPUT);
void loop()
  int value;
  for(value = 0 ; value <= 255; value+=5)
    digitalWrite(E2, HIGH);       
    analogWrite(M1, value);   //PLL Speed Control
    analogWrite(M2, value);   //PLL Speed Control

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3 wiring and power supply. wait for 10 seconds. If not up load sketch agin.

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Then you could see the LED indicators on board is flashing while the Motor is running. :)
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2015-07-13 18:10:02 ==How to drive stepper by the 298 shield==

Diagram(note: Be sure about the sequence of stepper A-B phase a-c, b-d)
('1', 'QQ图片20150713180701.jpg')

and the library& sample sketch are in the attachment.

it;s suitable with Uno and romeo. ;)
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2015-07-06 17:41:01 Note for checking:

1 Power supply is available;

2 The PWM/PLL pin-cap/jumper should be correspondinig with the sample sketch ;

3 The power in-cap/jumper should be correspondinig with the power supply place(UNO board or driver shield) ;

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