[LattePanda Alpha 864] was fine, now is just dead...

userHead Account cancelled 2019-04-27 22:56:13 11888 Views4 Replies
I'm an enthusiastic Kickstarter backer, one among others.
I thought the LP Alpha 864 with Win 10 could replace a classic desktop PC use: Internet browsing, file management, document creation with a bit of graphic design, music listening & video watching; but with two big advantages about space and electric consumption.
Even if the heat of the CPU has always been a concern, I was careful.
And I was convinced.
Until it just suddenly died, without any forerunners. And no start possible. And none working hard reset.
My 350€ board is just dead after 5 months while I succeed to make last some cheap ordinary PCs up to 5 years !!
2021-10-22 10:03:08 Where you listen to music every day: userHeadPic maokai112311
2019-05-08 16:29:52 next time, try to be more careful. I believe it also because of the quality, it's not a great combination. userHeadPic streetview890