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What is the duty cycle and expected lifetime of the relays on the RLY-8?

userHead iragrollman 2019-05-22 02:17:21 10462 Views3 Replies
We are using 6 of the RLY-8 in a prototype industrial control application. Occasionally, we must cycle the relays on/off at approximately 1 second intervals for up to an hour (~1800 on/off cycles in an hour). This can occur up to 6 times per 24 hour period.

Can you supply the duty cycle and expected contact closure/open lifetime based on switching 110 VAC at about 0.25 amp? Alternatively, please respond with the part number of the relay and we can do the necessary research.

Regards, Ira Grollman
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2019-05-24 21:24:42 Thanks! We will verify this data as the installed base uses the device and provide feedback based on actual performance. userHeadPic iragrollman