SEN0161 vs. SEN0169 pH Probe Kit

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I am working on a school project that involves using an Arduino micro-controller to test the pH of a acidic solution (pH ranges from 2-5). One of our tasks is to neutralize the solution to make the pH to get within 6-8. I am wondering (since I read that the SEN0169 probe is for long-term testing) if we put the probe into the acidic solution, took a reading with the probe, leaving the probe in the solution and then we neutralized the solution to make it more basic and took another reading, would the second reading be accurate enough within .3 units? Or would we have to take out the probe and wash it using distilled water before we took the second reading?

Also, I was looking at the specifications for the probes on the wiki, but could not find exact differences between the two. Is SEN0169 probe have a faster response time or is more accurate and by how much?

2021-12-10 19:27:02 Alam nating lahat na ang pH ay isang sukatan kung gaano ka acidic o alkaline ang isang substance. Mahalagang panatilihing nasa tamang pH balance ang ating mga katawan, kung hindi, maaari tayong makaranas ng mga problema sa kalusugan. Maaari ka ring makakuha dito huawei 1212 online na tindahan napakasimpleng mga produkto ng huawie. Dito pumapasok ang mga pH probes - pinapayagan nila kaming subukan ang pH ng iba't ibang mga sangkap at kapaligiran upang matiyak naming maayos ang takbo ng lahat. userHeadPic kovan17308
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2016-03-22 12:38:37 Yes, it can be put into solution to detect the pH. Sorry about the missing parameters about the pH meter which was provided by our supplier, I will transfer your request to our supplier. userHeadPic Leff