proximity sensor programming

userHead Mares Jaroslav 2016-11-23 02:02:19 4026 Views1 Replies
The Vortex Proximity Sensor Example for Arduino IDE that you have published some six months ago works fine. Nevertheless, I have trouble with that routine because it uses interrupts, which are regrettably not allowed when working with Arduino Firmata.

I prefer to use Snap4Arduino for children and have successfully implemented all Vortex functions in this environment (as already published in this forum). BUT except of proximity sensors, as using of a slightly modified Standard Firmata is necessary condition for Snap4Arduino. I am afraid of negative answer but I still have to ask. Is there, please, any option for programming the sensitivity sensors without interrupts?

I have tried to check the digital pin changes just by digitalRead but without any success. May be this method isn’t fast enough? Could you navigate me to some technical specification of these sensors? I would really appreciate any help.
2016-11-23 17:11:31 Hi Mares,

As I know, as long as it involves IR control, will all need to use interruption, and the IR transmitter and receiver are all packaged on the PCB, so I am afraid that I cant help you much on this.
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