[LattePanda 4G/64GB] - WiFi too slow -No broadcom device!

userHead Castellano Pasquale 2017-02-09 19:44:39 10139 Views5 Replies
Hi Guys!
I've purchased an Enhanced LP Board(ver1.1) to test it.
The wifi is too slow with the default antenna.
I've noticed that the board uses the Realtek RTL8723BS SDIO WIFI device instead the BroadCom 802.11 abgn that is present on the LattePanda repository :(.

Broadcom supports new networks 5Ghz while Realtek doesn't support them :(:cry::cry::cry: : a very disappointing! :cry:

Thanks a lot!
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2017-03-20 03:24:19 Same here....
I bought the LP so that I can have a small side PC to play my YouTube playlists while I'm working, as well as using it for some small tasks... I was VERY disapointed to find out that it can only play videos at 360p without stopping for buffering. 460p and above is simply unplayable.

I've attached screenshots of speed test of both LP and my laptop. Same network, same target server. The results are just ridiculous!

Is there ANY way to improve the network speed without the need of an external WiFi adapter?
userHeadPic Василев Васил
2017-02-10 18:06:38 Sorry, Sir
We will update the product page asap. In the new batch of LP 4G version, the CPU is upgrade to z8350 and the wifi chip is change to the RTL8723BS which is using on the 2G version before and more stable.
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