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Connecting wirelessly to Laptop for Serial communication

userHead zafercincil 2020-02-20 01:10:26 6447 Views4 Replies

I have hands on the DFrobot DFR0296 Bluno Nano. For the seek of our project, we need to wirelessly read the data from the Serial Monitor on our Arduino IDE. Wired, it is an easy job: works exactly like the Arduino UNO. However, when trying to connect to Bluetooth via my laptop, it doesn't see the Bluno (even though my phone does).

I have checked, and my Bluetooth driver is 4.1 and supports BLE. Is there anything I am missing?

Is there any way that I can read data wirelessly while my gadget is working? (externally powered)
If the way is only via my phone, is there a way I can send these real-time to my Laptop?

2021-12-14 13:08:20 Serial ports even wireless are designed for point to point communication. It is possible to use in one-to many or other constellations but certaing design consideration have to be taken.

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userHeadPic margethickleryh75
2020-02-20 22:52:34 Hello. Thank you for the reply.

I have checked all the AT commands, but I don't believe any of these will solve my problem.

Which one of these would make my Laptop see the Bluno while adding a bluetooth device exactly?

Thank you,
userHeadPic zafercincil