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Jose's Awesome Robot

userHead R2D2C3PO 2010-09-15 13:17:52 7397 Views3 Replies
I don't understand Portugal language, but from these picture, I can understand the robot. It is awesome.

Check out the link:

http://www.eletronlivre.com.br/2010/08/ ... am-me.html

2012-05-06 10:18:19 Any chance of reposting the instructions for this bot? It looks like it is using the same components I want to use and I am starting from scratch!  Specifically the SHARP IR rangefinders, the PING in the front and the LCD shield in the back....

userHeadPic IvanGrozny2012
2011-01-18 13:40:59 This is a great project and has helped me design my own. If you use google chrome it will translate the page for you. userHeadPic mobilewill