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Bluno - What am I missing?

userHead Account cancelled 2021-06-09 02:20:14 979 Views1 Replies
I am having no success in getting my Bluno connected to my phone via Bluetooth. I am using the Bluno Basic Demo. Sketches load and run OK, but I cannot connect to the Android BlunoBasicDemo.
I have tried an AT reset and various settings but to no avail.
Currently it will not repond to the scan request from the phone. I can see a number of other devices but not the Bluno. However, this did work yesterday. How do I get it to respond to a scan request?
How do I get it to connect? When it did respond with a mac address it would not connect.
Is there an AT comand set that I need to send in order to configure it to connect to a phone.
2021-06-27 22:29:02 Same problem for me.

Even "AT+PASSWORD=?" etc. doesn't work.
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