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I need to build an application that will monitor the level on a container that will have no public access (country side) and will transmit the monitoring level by wi-fi. The site is very unsatble on power supply and will have several shortages a day.
While with no power, the level could go down (with power off) and when the power is back on, I will need to know the level statu, in this example, the sensor should report empty.
2022-01-23 12:31:57 Build an application take a long time, if you have a low level on a container you will face problems. i was building this website "" for a client. userHeadPic fatinimas
2021-09-06 11:47:52 My requirement is to measure the level of water in all the 4 water tanks in my house. Each tank is about 3 feet in diameter, about 4 feet in height, made of plastic and is fully covered with a lid. I am looking for the following qualities.

- Low voltage, so that in case of failure, no one is electrocuted.

- Reliable. Design should be reliable and rugged for long term use.

Please help me choose one.

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