Determine object names via adurino lib from huskylens

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I am currently accessing the Huskylens with the Adurino lib via the Adurino IDE on an esp32. This works very well ;-) .

Now I would like to react to a cat accordingly. The camera already has a model in its memory and recognises cats very well. But how do I get the name of the object (as shown in the display) via the Huskylens Arduino Library instead of the ID "x"? What is the point of setting an individual name if you can't request it from the camera again in the programme code?

Can images stored on the SD card be loaded onto the ESP32 or Adurino?

Thank you Greetings
2022-03-21 18:54:25 For the HuskyLens:
In "Object Recognition" mode, enable multi-learning (hidden menu item). Next, get an image of a cat the HuskyLens detects as a cat. "Learn" the cat model into ID 1 number. If you want to assign more numbers, just learn more into 2, 3 ,4 etc...

For the Arduino:
You can create a numerated list variable to associate those assigned numbers to each object ID value you get from the serial data block.
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