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userHead Account cancelled 2021-11-08 05:12:50 1079 Views0 Replies
Running into a couple issues as I do some first tests of my Bluno m3 board:

1. the special Bluno arduino build flags multiple libraries and ino files as not acceptable due to having hyphens, underscores, etc. "Normal" arduino installs have no issues. Is this issue ARM-related, so thats why it gets flagged? Any known workarounds? I'm thinking I keep a separate library/project directory for Bluno, but haven't done that as yet.

2. The M3 driver is unsigned..Windows 10 does not like that. And the process I see for getting around it is a bit again I ask..any easier workarounds?

I look forward to seeing what this board can do, but its been a struggle so far.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.