SIM7000A vs SIM7000E

userHead pawel.zielazek 2021-11-12 04:38:46 756 Views1 Replies
Hi all!

The DFR0572 with SIM7000E is used in my device. The device send the data on server via GPRS mode and everything works correctly. Device works in Poland in Europe.

Now I am working on device that will be work in Mexico. Due to the long lead time of DFR0572 I decided to use DFR0763 with SIM7000A.

Due to this change I would like to clarify some things:

1. Can DFR0763 with SIM7000A work in GPRS mode in Mexico?
2. Can DFR0572 with SIM7000E work in GPRS mode in Mexico?
3. What is the estimated L/T of DFR0572 with SIM7000E?
4. Which model (DFR0763 or DFR0572) is prefferd to use in Mexico?

Best regards!
2021-11-17 04:04:12 I will use a SIM7000E because this model will work properly GPRS mode in Mexico.

The next question is, what APN address should be used in Mexico?


Is it correct?
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