Gamepad V3 Help

userHead ryanc 2022-01-23 03:36:17 207 Views1 Replies
Hi there,

Just wondering if there was an Makecode extension for using the Gamepad V3? There is one for V2, but nothing for V3 which seems pretty poor?

I was hoping to use the extension as it makes for a simpler coding experience for my students. The Joystick seems rather complex to program otherwise?

2022-01-23 04:20:08 If an extension does not exist for V3 - can anyone help me with the Analogue Read values for using the Joysticks? My students are trying to 'hack' old RC cars, using the Joystick for forwards/backwards. Without an extension, would students need to use Analogue Read > 550 and Analogue Read < 450 for forwards and backwards on P2 in Makecode? userHeadPic ryanc