DIY_PM2.5 Air Purifier

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In recent years, the haze becomes serious. Before the haze comes, I DIY a PM 2.5 air purifier for unexpected needs.
1. Metal duct of three-phase turbocharging brushless motor
2. Hobbywing 40A electronic speed controller
3. Steering engine tester.
4. 12V 30A switching power supply
5. Filter net element activated carbon for removing smell, formaldehyde and PM 2.5
6. PLA( 1.75 Pink, purple, green)
7. Overlord Pro 3d printer
8. Laser PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor
9. DFRduino UNO R3 (Similar as Arduino UNO)
10. 1602 LCD Keypad Shield For Arduino
11. 7.4V Lipo 2500mAh Battery
12. 7.4V Lipo Battery Charger
13. Wires, screws and connectors…

Making procedure:
I design the fixed duct and air passage of activated carbon, and design 3D digital model (making procedure deleted) with Sketchup software, use DF Overlord Pro.
3D model is established as follows:
(11.41 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Connect three output wires of electronic speed controller with three wires of duct motor arbitrarily. In case of incorrect wind direction, exchange any two wires.

Insert the signal wire of electronic speed controller on the steering engine tester. Please note that a row of pins is located on the left of the steering engine tester and three rows of pins are located on the right. The row of pins on the left is the power input end.
However, because the electronic speed controller outputs power to the steering engine tester, you only need to insert the signal wire of electronic speed controller to any one of three rows of pins. Put the part extruded out of metal upwards.
Afterwards, thread the electronic speed controller through the air passage, to allow the duct motor to enter the fixed slot position, and fix it with screws.
Connect the red and black wires of electronic speed controller with the anode and cathode of 12V battery or power supply:
After all components are connected. Ensure the accelerator of steering engine tester is minimum. After power-on, the blue indicator of the tester will be on. Then, you may rotate the accelerator to operate it.
After the procedure above ends, the function for PM 2.5 removal will be realized. In addition, an enclosure shall be required. Thus, 3D model files below are also required.

Bottom half model file (8 pieces printed)
(10.48 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Top half model file (8 pieces printed)
(9.77 KiB) Not downloaded yet
After the files above are printed, mount them by gluing with AB adhesive.
After the air purifier is made, a device is required to inspect the effect of purification. We use laser PM 2.5 sensor here.
Do not think it's all done. The current purifier is manual, can we make automatic, Internet of Things type…?
Ingenious makers, time to act!
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