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Gravity: MEMS Gas Sensor (MiCS-4514

userHead AhmedElashouti 2022-06-09 02:41:17 358 Views1 Replies


I am trying to build a communication with MiCS-4514 Sensor ( Breakout Board) via i2c with esp32. However, I am  getting a timeout. unfortunately the Datasheet is not providing any information regarding the clock frequency the sensor can deal with and i am suspecting that this might be one of the problem sources. Does anyone know what is the suitable clock frequency ?

2022-06-11 23:27:15

What does the "timeout" in the problem description mean? Does it mean that the ESP32 cannot communicate with the sensor? Note if it is a problem with the I2C address.Please test using the code in the wiki, preferably with a few screenshots of the problematic phenomenon.

WIKI Link:

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