Can huskylens be used as webcam ?

userHead Gmartin 2022-06-28 14:13:01 979 Views2 Replies

Hi !


I am working with mindplus some months now and i think its an amazing programming tool.


I was wondering if huskylens can be connected to mindplus to show on computer screeen whatever huskylens sees any moment. Or if huskylens can be used as webcam.


Thank you for your time !

2023-03-09 16:04:28

If you need a webcam, I think you'd better buy a conventional webcam. You can use Raspberry Pi Camera V2 as webcam. But performance will not be as good as a conventional one.

userHeadPic bidrohini.bidrohini
2023-03-08 16:41:09

Sorry, I'm afraid it can't. 

Gravity: Huskylens - An Easy-to-use AI Camera (SKU:SEN0305) does not support real-time image transmission, as it uses TTL and I2c protocol only.

userHeadPic NeloKin