Defectives for DFR0499

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Dear DFROBOT Team,


Thank you for your support.


Defective part quantity: 6pcs
Purchased quantity:7pcs
Purchased date:07-JUL-2022


One of our customer purchased DFR0499 (64X64 RGB LED MATRIX PANEL) for 7 pcs.

But 6 of them has lighting issue.
Some RGB LED doesn't flash and some of them has even different color.

The customer want there credit back.

I know that's defective. (Could be shipping damage or shock?)

Can you give us an advice?







Best Regards,



2022-10-08 10:07:32

Hi! Do you use the library files and code provided in the wiki? The VCC and GND of this product needs 5V 4A external power supply. 

A loose LED component position caused by a collision may cause an abnormal LED display. If you press the LED gently and the display is normal, it indicates that the LED element is loose. If this is the case, please contact [email protected]

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TakashiMatsumura wrote:

Hi Jenna-san,


The customer replied 


He used Sorce code is from Wiki and V 4A external power supply as well.

And he pressed But case is not solved.


He purchase 7pcs. But 6 of them got same defective.


Thank you so much.

Best regards,



2022-10-12 16:19:48
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2022-10-06 09:59:53



Our end user has been waiting, though.


Thank you



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2022-10-03 14:15:07

Sorry too many post But I believe Picture files doesn't get through.


Can you give us an advice?

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