By hstaub
Unfortunately my soldering skills are not so good.  I have managed to snap off the leads to the motors.  I took them apart and found a small bent lead which is the brush.  I am wondering if there is any way to repair these motors?

I am also wondering if you might be kind enough to suggest a way of soldering or if there is an alternative such as clips that could be crimped over the motor leads or some other method. I have bought several sets of these motors but find the leads break off if I apply too much heat. It is a shame and I would like to continue with this kit since I bought the controller board from you as well. Please consider helping?

Henry Staub
By fj604

I am hopeless with soldering as well and those motor leads do look fragile, that's why I chose not to bother and just twisted the wires to motor leads. It does not look nice but it does not break anything either.

I thought you might want to consider these:

, or search on eBay for crocodile clips.

If you do need replacement motors, these are available separately and also quite cheap:

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