by Vincent14 Thu Jun 07, 2012 5:27 pm
Hello, (i'm french, excuse my expression, i will try to be understandable)

I've bought the 2WD Platform, i've tried to mount it with my Arduino Uno Rev3. And i think there is some adjustments you [b]need[/b] absolutly to report.

First, your guide doesn't explain how to fix the Arduino (or anything else). I think you must show, with some pictures, how i must place it on the floor of the Robot. I've found only 3 points of contact (not 4 for the Arduino). The holes are a bit tight, they should be slightly larger, but with a spike it's O.K.

The real problem is just after, since the Arduino team has design the Rev3 (also true for the Arduino Mega) the hole is near the connector. Like all the screws have a head, it's impossible to put anything in the third hole ! You [b]must[/b] change the packaging with 4 screws with as small as possible head, those provided does not allow to completely fix the arduino without tinkering very hard to get there.

I've also encountered some problems to fix the wheels on the case (the cast was too tight).

I'm generally satisfied with my purchase, but please, do something for my problems and i will recommand you product for my university in november. We could buy ~5 or 10 units if you solve this. I've see that officials French retailers has no supply, I sincerely hope that this will be resolved because the price of shipping was very expensive.

I wait your reaction,

Best regards
by Hector Fri Jun 08, 2012 2:50 am
Hi Vincent,

We have two 2WD platforms which one are you talking about?

This one:

Or this one:
by Hector Mon Jun 11, 2012 10:36 am

Hi Vincent,

You only need to use 3 holes for the Arduino to be mounted stable on the upper plate of the platform.

You should be using standard M3 screws. All our robotic platforms have holes for M3 screws.
I have[url=] attached a picture[/url] of an Arduino mounted on the plate please check it.

We will contact the French distributor and ask him to consider stocking this kit. It is really up to him weather he stocks this item or not.

In the picture it has 2 large holes, these were modifications made by us. You can ignore these 2 large holes.
by Vincent14 Mon Jun 11, 2012 2:17 pm
Thanks very much for your answers.

First, I see the three holes, that's effectively where i screw my Arduino Rev3. On your third picture, look at the screw at the bottom left. Now, please look at the new Design of the Arduino "Official" board  that I was offered and I used to make my robot : [url=][/url]

Can you see the problem ? The Arduino Team is so stupid to do that, i can't understand why they do that. Do they not have foreseen? It's exactly the same problem on the last board, look at the new Arduino Leonardo [url=][/url]

I've realized my robot with somes difficults because of that, I used a grinding wheel to destroy the screw head, but i can't offer this solution for my students. It think the solution could be to add in your pack an only screw without head, or with the smallest head as possible.

Do you understand my problem ? (i'm not sure to explain correctly)

My second problem is described in this topic [url=][/url]

Again, thanks for the support  :D
by Hector Tue Jun 12, 2012 4:06 am
Hi Vincent,

Sorry, I did not remember the changes the new arduino had.

So for now, I think I can offer a temporary solution. It is not the best, but i think it can work. I think we provide some copper stand offs with the kit. So take the third standoff and place it on the opposite side AND turn it upside down, so that the screw tip of the standoff is protruding through the Arduino, then use a nut to secure it, this will provide stability for the board. Please see this picture so you have an idea:
[url=]alternative mounting option[/url]

Please do this before attempting to secure the two other screws.

by Vincent14 Tue Jun 12, 2012 8:18 am
Have you flipped the floor of the robot to do this ? Unfortunatly, the holes that maintain the floor on the base of the Turtle Robot are not reversible :/ (if i see your picture next to my own robot, the hole for the interruptor is on the left for example but on your picture the interruptor will be on the right, so the two holes where your Arduino is screwed on the right doesn't exist on my robot).

The nut would not go in the hole problematic? Your solution seemed good in the same configuration as on your first pictures. (i can't test on my robot because I forced by filing the screw that is the problem, and i can't unscrew my Arduino for fear of damaging)
by Hector Wed Jun 13, 2012 2:47 am

I'm not sure I understand. Could it be possible for you to post or send me a picture?

You can email me directly at techsupport AT dfrobot DOT com

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