By kc9on
I have used DFRobot PCB service several times now with great success!

Are small plated slots are supported?  For example I have several parts (power connectors, stereo jacks, etc.) which uses slots for the connections.  Example holes sizes are:  3.5x.8mm  3.0x.8mm  2.0x1.0mm

I have used round hole equivalents in the past but they become very large (Examples above would be 3.5, 3.0, and 2.0 round holes!).

I have found other houses which support them but charge an arm and leg!  I'd prefer to stick with DFRobot.

Thanks all!

By Jose
Howdy  kc9on!

I'm a bit profane on the subject, so I am asking. What exactly is the plated slots?
I'm guessing its like unlinked pad ? Or like this picture? [url=][/url]
Why not use just a hole?

Don't worry, cavalry will come and join soon.

By Lauren
Hey kc9on,

Do you mean the slot like the picture attached shown?
As I known, there's no limitation on cutting the boards. Is it possible to share with your sample design?
By kc9on
Some parts such as stereo jacks and power connectors do not have round pins.  The manufacturer typically shows a rectangular hole for the pin placement on the data sheet such as .8mmx3.5mm.  I attached a few examples.  Some PCB manufacturers do not support them.  OSHPark is a good example of those who don't.  When uploading the design it is converted to a large, and sometimes unusable, round hole.

An Oval hole would also be acceptable.  KiCad generates oval holes for these type of pins.

Yes, I could and have used a very large round hole in the past.  However, it doesn't look good, Takes Lots of excess solder (and sometimes that solder will fill on the top side of the board creating issues), and makes the part a very loose fit.
By KavomatovlKiz
Hi, my PCB is double sided components top side only, is it safe to assume that all through hole components holes and through pads holes will automatically be through plated?
many thanks Jules
By smithcary565
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