By vdirienzo
i was thinking on a remix version of the shields that are on the market. this version its supposed to be designed for schools, the idea its for STEM activities at school or home from basic to advance users.

as an example on the driver board you can add like 8 servos and 4 motors. in a school you wont probably use more that 2 motors and 2 servos. so you can save lots of pins and space on the board. and electronics.

also i was thinking why not add some gravity connectors a few one to make foolproof usability of the board. 3 or for 4 gravity connectors. for younger kids.

add a buzzer and plug connector and a knob to control the volume its important in classroom not to become to noisy. but if you don't have a headset on the class you can use the buzzer. and you can play notes

i2c connector its a must for advance users you can add lcd displays and any i2c device that can communicate to the board.

some alligator connector they are use full for basic projects.

some 3 pin dupon connectors gpio if you dont have gravity sensors you can plug to thoes pins

the sr04 ultrasound interface so you can ad the sr04 to measure distance with it. very important for stem activities.

some lego mounting holes its useful to build machines using legos and the electronics all together.

i have added some color led or rgb led. (this may be not necessary due we have the microbit display to show light, but if there its a spare pin why not add like in arduino the p13 led its useful. maybe and rgb led may be better option.

probably i have added more pins that the board my have available, but its a start and some may be strip / removed or may be asigned to better options.

the form factor of the board maybe bigger , its not necessary to be small

also some rubber protection in the lower part to avoid short circuits on the school desks. or any small metalic lose thing that can be below.


I see you are familiar with the Micro: bit. I start in this area and I would like to know how to use the I2C.

how to find the address of an object, send him information?

Thank you in advance,
The BitMaker Lite is essentially a micro:bit shield, which breaks out the micro:bit connections and makes it easy for you to interface with other devices through the broken out pins, Grove ports for additional Grove sensors, as well an onboard buzzer.