By Oliver Mark
Can anyone tell me for 1mm FR4 what the minimum permissible track width is and also the minimum gap between two tracks? I am using AWR design environment to design a PCB and would prefer to get this information before I start.

Assume a small sized PCB that has a burn boundary track

By Leff
Hi Oliver,
This is what we used if we design a pcb.

The minimum permissible track width :10 mil
the minimum gap between two tracks:12-15 mil ( 10mil is also acceptable)

Hope this could help you!
By Leff
well, I also don't know the unit quite for sure, but I check in dictionary and got this:

mil: a unit of linear measurement equivalent to 0.0254 mm (one thousandth of an inch), often used in measuring the diameter of wires.

so that's _ a mil one thousandth of an inch ;)

Oliver Mark wrote:Hi

Please excuse my ignorance but what is :10 mils? is a mil one thousandth of an inch or millimeter?


By Oliver Mark

It's not like I'm trying to land a probe on Mars or anything but I'd rather not make that mistake. I have a student here with a pcb design that calls for a 0.20 mm gap I guess he'll have to do some more work on it.

Thanks again
By Leff
eWeeeb wrote:hi id say minimum of 25 mil. :D

yeah, that's much more safe to avoid data interfere. But we usually take lesser. :)