By Darius
I received a SparkFun 9 DoF sensor board but I find that the magnetometer doesn't work.

I tried contacting help and was told I would need to pay $50(!) to ship it back which seems pretty rough given it was DoA.

I am rather unhappy with the service so far :(
By ricky
why you need to pay 50 to ship it back? send it back to us via  a recorded shipping method should not cost you 50 USD. 

Send it back to us, and we will replace you with you a new one. You only need to send it back to us.

By Darius
I was told it had to be shipped via registered post which costs AUD$50.

Also, I wasn't given an address to ship it to even after repeated requests.
By ricky
the return address is:

Room 401, Building 10, No 498 Guoshoujin Road, Pudong, Shanghai(201203),China

Do you have Australia post something which has recorded information.  A traceable post will cost you quite a lot, but a signed post will cost only upto 5-8 AUD maximum.

By Darius
Right, I can send it via AusPost with delivery confirmation for $13.

If that's OK I'll post it off tomorrow.
By ricky
That will be fine. Send it back to us, and give us your tracking number.

BTW, if you can fill the form  . We can arrange the replacement ASAP.

Sorry for the problem!

By Darius
Aus post air mail doesn't have tracking.

The cheapest way to get that is the "Express Post International Document" service but that is $42.30(!)

I have already filled in the RMA page, I will do it again.

By Darius
I filled in the RMA form again, but did not get an email about it..

It is order 3182 part number SEN0088.
By ricky
yep. We received your request.

Do you have Australia Post Recorded or similar?  Go to you post office and ask, they should have such kind of service.