By tsgan
I would like to know more about this sensor.
The datasheet provided is not enough. It doesn't say how to interpret numbers I receive from this sensor into something valuable.
Please let me know.
By Hector
Hi Tsgan,

There is no other datasheet for this sensor. The value simply means that the sensor has detected an unhealthy gas in the environment. You can try breathing on the sensor to test it.

By tsgan

Yes, I can see the sensor is working and I can get numbers like 160, 165 etc. in normal room. However I would like to get some idea understanding those numbers.
For instance how should I understand if it gives 500? Definitely it shows some change in air, but it would be really nice if we can get what type of gas caused it.

By Hector
This gas sensor does not offer that kind of data. Their is no way to tell what kind of gas caused the fluctuation in the sensor...