By zhalim
How to check which version (1.0 or 1.1) my usbtiny isp programmer is? I've read the product description somewhere saying :-

[quote]Product Update Log

2011/08/23 : The Version 1 has identified that 10 PIN IDC has incorrect MISO and MOSI Pin out. It will be fixed in version V1.1

There is no marking showing which version. If mine is v1.0 how do i fix it?

By zhalim
I bought mine recently from a local seller. I don't know if it is a new stock or old. The 6 pin idc should be correct right?
By Hector
Yes, the 6pin is correct.

The way I can think of testing if you got an old one is to do a continuity test on the pins. So trace the pins from the chip to the 10pin header. and test them with a multimeter's continuity function.
By zhalim
I did the continuity testing (using the corrected v.1.1 schematic) from the chip (attiny 2313 pin 17 mosi) to the pin 1 mosi (10pin) but no beep. Tested also for miso. Then repeat the test using v1.0 schematic also no beep. I think the buffer chip is in the way. Then i tested the 6pin against 10pin and i get the beep. If 6pin is correct and the 10pin must also be correct right?
By zhalim
UPDATE: I made a mistake during the 6pin vs 10pin test. I should've use the v1.0 schematic. Pin 1 6pin miso beeped when connected to pin 1 10pin miso which is wrong and should be mosi. Then my board is v1.0. Well luckily i rarely use 10pin. If i need to maybe i can use jumpers or crimp a corrected cable instead.