By yesbird
Please help !

I can't update firmware of SSC32 (using Lynxterm) from SSC32-V2.02GP to SSC32-V2-03XE (taken from Lynx site), but can communicate with SSC by Lynxterm without problem - macroses runs, servos turns - ok. Accum fully charged = 9V, I have try remove jumpers VL=VS and VS1=VS2 - no result, so help !
Communication parameters: 115200:8:1:N:N

Error in attachment.
By Hector
Hang in there, I've asked the designer to give me an answer, just waiting to hear back from him.

OK!! Got it!

All you need to do is short the 2 pins on the baud rate select dip switch near the "ON" side. You only need to short them for a second while you click on the update button, once process has begun you can let go.

By Hector

the lynxterm may not support Comm ports higher than 9, so if your Board has been assigned a higher com port, you need to go into "device manager" from windows "control panel" and reassign a lower Com port to your SSC-32 board.

I have tested a used board where I encountered the same problem, and I am still trying to figure out how to fix it. The new board I tried can directly upload the firmware so long as the Baud Rate is set to 115200 (both pins on the dip switch set to "on"), and all the jumper set.

By yesbird
My board is binding to COM8 and communicate well on it with 115200 (except updating firmware). May be I have "old" version.
Thanks, Hector, hope you will not leave us.