By valerynoah
hey, i just purchase  the xbee  bluetooth and i have been  looking at different tutorial; iam kind of confuse, do i need  to buy a bluetooth modem to connect with the bluetooth module i purchase or i can directly connect the bluetooth module to arduino and have a wirelless connection my  pc to that xbee bluetooth?
and by the  way there is no schematic of  how to really connect  that xbee bluetooth  to arduino
By Hector
Hi Valerynoah,

Your computer needs to have a bluetooth radio as well. If its a laptop it might already have one integrated. otherwise you can just purchase a USB bluetooth dongle. We sell one in the store.

How are you trying to connect it to your arduino? We recommend using the IO Expansion shield which comes with a header for Xbee radios. You could optionally connect it with wires, but this might result in faulty connections and cause some problems.

If you look at the bluetooth bee you can see a pin out diagram. Indicating what each pin is.

You basically only need 4 pins connected to the arduino.