It seems like the missing component might have come loose from applying too much heat to the pins if you soldered them to the proto board shown. When soldering these kinds of board with smd components you need to be very careful not to apply too much heat, or some components might come loose. It looks like the component is still there you might be able to solder it back on, but you need to be very careful.

I have not tested it myself but you should be able to get the APC802 module working with a APC220 module. You just need to make sure they have a matching configuration.
Hi Crusher,

From your pics and your description, it sounds like it might be dead. I'm not sure if we can provide a free replacement. Let me find out, and I'll get back to you. I'll re-open your service ticket.
Hi Hector,

The module with the missing smd part is not found by rfmagic anymore. The other rf module is working as it should in rfmagic. So I also thinks that it is dead.

Ok, then I wait for a reply from you. It would be great with a new module.

The Crusher
I remember that when i got the modules, one of them was tricky.. It was not always detected by my computer, whatever operating system and drivers. One of them was found, and working, and the other one was found, but was tricky to read and write to. It disconnected sometimes, just random disconects. So i think that one of the modules has been dead since i got them. And when i soldered it on, these components fell off...

Hmm, so maybe it is not my fault that it is not working?
Hi Crusher,

Do you have the IO Expansion shield V5 from DFRobot?
If you don't have, you could take a look at the link below to see how to connect the APC220 to the Arduino.