The day I received my Romeo Board last week I noticed that a 47 26v VT (which looks like a capacitor) was loose.  I emailed the DFRobot store manager and described this.  The next day the part fell off the board when I picked up the board, and I sent another email.  Did not hear back.  The following day I sent another email and did not hear back.

I am concerned about using my Romeo board with that component off.  Also, [b]how can I get the attention of DFRobot regarding a replacement?  They have not responded to any of my Emails yet. [/b]


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Hello Guys! I'm from Philippines! How long can I wait for the product I ordered??
By jessy
The weight on shopping cart means the total weight of your order with packing. The chargeable weight is either the actual gross weight or the volume weight, whichever is greater. The shipping cost will be the charge on the shopping cart.