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I buy Romeo V2 in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) and have trouble with connecting via microUSB. After connecting plate to PC, the red led is swith on, but Windows 7 (64bit) does not found any driver for "ATm32u4DFU" device.  :'( Arduino 1.0.4 driver is also helpless. :o I want programming Romeo V2 in Arduino IDE. How to connect Romeo v2?What can I do?  :-[
By Phoebe

The Romeo V2 is like Arduino Leonardo, the driver is in the Arduino file->drivers. Just uptate the driver when you connect to your computer and find the driver . After you success to install the driver,you can see the com  named
"Arduino Leonardo" ;)
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Hey Admin, I have got little problem with the DFRobot Leonardo with Xbee socket that is when install this arduino my computer or laptop read the DFRobot Leonardo with Xbee socket but when I plug in xbee to xbee socket in the DFRobot Leonardo with Xbee socket the result is my computer or laptop can't read the xbee as you know that I use xbee series 2. could youl help me how to solve this problem? please send to me step-step to solve this problem my email is [email protected]

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Hi, rozikien
DFRobot Leonardo with Xbee use Serial1 to connect with leonardo chip.
So when you want to use xbee, change Serial port to Serial1 port first.
Here is the wiki about this module
I added a sample code about how to use a bluetooth bee (it is similar to xbee, but it only need one module.)
By Leff

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Try to update its firmware and try again plz.

I am not good at web devices, but I think it should be run it in AP mode, then it could build a wifi that could be found by other devices.

amiruhafu.x42jr wrote:Hi admin,

I just bought WIFI Shield V3 RPSMA SKU:TEL0079. I can't find the device on the network list. This is the first time i turn on this shield. How can i solve this problem?
Dear whoever this concerns,
When i used the 100f 2.7v super capacitor(product Fit0134) and wired two in a series applying 5v for 30 seconds it they only charged around >2.5v at best and discharged a time frame less than one hour. As in the introduction of the product it claims,"This is a 100 Farad capacitor. Combine two in series for 50F/5.4V. Our testing told us that two of these can power Arduino for 4 hours (with one LED). And you can recharge the capacitor just within 30 seconds. Is it simply false advertising, misunderstanding or there is a specific way to charge them? If it is false advertising or a misunderstanding would i be eligible for a refund?