I have a few HC-05 BT modules laying around, but a RoMeo BLE board in my Devastator - no other DFRobot BLE modules on hand as of yet.

Do you think I could tie an HC-05 BT module to the standard TX/RX pins on the RoMeo BLE as a SLAVE and run another HC-05 with my joystick as the MASTER, or, will the on-board BLE of the RoMeo cause problems radio-wise?

Thinking maybe better to use Software.Serial so can connect the HC-05 to a different serial than the one the embedded BT BLE radio is connected to on the RoMeo BLE?
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So how did you attach it? Can I attach a HC 05 in my Romeo BLE too?

I mean I know there's already a bluetooth module attach to it but i'm using App inventor to connect through it and i'm having a hard time programming the arduino codes and also connecting the app to BLE. I want to use bluetooth classic instead of BLE. Can you please help?