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1) My Bluno Beetle V1.1 (Firmware v1.97) does not show up when searching for Bluetooth devices under Windows 10 - how can I fix that? (Windows 10 build 1809, all the newest updates. Laptop is Latitude E7440 with Intel AC7260 wifi/bluetooth chipset - Intel webpage claims its Bluetooth 4.0 compatible)

2) I bought a USB-Bluetooth adapter, thinking my laptop is at fault - I bought Gembird BTD-MINI5 (CSR 4.0 chipset).
- If I plug the BTD-MINI5 and let Win10 install Generic drivers, the Bluno Beetle does not show up on the device list
- If I plug BTD-MINI5 and Install "CSR Harmony" drivers, the bluno does not show up on the device list
- The Bluno Beetle is instantly visible on any phone I could borrow (Samsung A6+, Huawei P10, iPhone 7/8)

How can I connect the Bluno Beetle with Windows 10, please?

I wanted to create a project where Beetle is connected as HID Keyboard (using Bluetooth), but I am unable to test any of my code, because Beetle is unable to connect to Windows 10 machines.

P.S.: If I set the AT+FSM=FSM_HID_USB_COM_BLE_AT and connect Bluno Beetle using USB to my win 10 PC, I get a "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)" with error code 43

P.S.2: The ONLY way for me to see the Bluno Beetle on my Windows 10 machine is by using "Bluetooth LE Explorer" from Microsoft Store.
- Unfortunately, if I switch AT+FSM to FSM_HID_USB_COM_BLE_AT (and connect to windows 10 using Bluetooth LE Explorer) then Windows 10 shows Beetle as "bluetooth low energy gatt compliant hid device"
and immidietly throws Error Code 10 - device was unable to start
This is the data returned from Bluetooth LE Explorer, maybe something is wrong with my Bluno Beetle? :

I was following the viewtopic.php?f=2&t=238&p=8819&hilit=cain#p1354
but it doesn't work for me - windows 10 is not finding the bluetooth connection with Beetle.

Edit: I also wanted to try an upgrade my Beetle's Bootloader to 2.0 (viewtopic.php?f=18&t=1733) but the attachments have expired - where can I get the Bootloader upgrade files, please?
By mateusz.s
Today I have noticed another peculiarity:
If I connect my Beetle via USB and use "AT+SETTINGS=DEFAULT" , then use "AT+IBEACONS=OFF", then Windows 10 (built in Intel's chip, built in Windows' Bluetooth App) (after a bit of time) finds "Unknown Device" under Bluetooth which eventually turns into "Bluno", pairing takes AGES (often fails) but eventually does pair with Beetle.

Unfortunately, doing the above but swithiching FSM to "AT+FSM=FSM_HID_USB_COM_BLE_AT" still results in "bluetooth low energy gatt compliant hid device"...
By mateusz.s

Unfortunatelly I had to resign from using Beetle V1.1 ...

Currently I am using Arduino Nano and RN-42 module - and this combo is working flawlessly!
I really wish I could use Beetle, because it is small, compact, draws next to no energy and is a 2in1 solution, but I wasn't able to overcome any of the problems from the top posts, unfotunately :?
Hi, we are sorry that it seems like Beetle does not support the communication method that you want.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.