By bzhou
I am very new to Bluetooth and Arduino. I just bought two BLUNO NANOs. I want to use Play BlUno app in my iPhone to play the BLUNO NANO. However the Play BlUno cannot find the BLUNO NANO. I also tried app MobileGrid, still cannot find any device.
I checked the firmware version of the NANO, it is v1.97. I used external power (7V) for the NANO.
Do I have to do something in the NANO, like any setup, or firmware updating?
I'd appreciate to any suggests and advice.
By bzhou
Thank you for your response. In fact I have read the wiki page for several times. I configured BLE for my two BLUNO NANOs, uploaded the sketches with PC (Arduio IDE in PC). Now the two boards can communicate each other via BLE. But I don't understand the section of Bluno Basic Demo in the wiki page. I don't know where the interface BLE Sample come from, or how to create it. I tried searching the "BlunoBasicDemo" in my iPhone, but I didn't find anything that can download/install. Do I have to download Arduino IDE in my phone? Thank you.
By rebeccabondvqt
The BLUNO-Nano will be controlled by an iPhone using the BLExAR iOS software.
BLExAR allows users to control the pins on the Nano, which will be demonstrated by turning an RGB LED on and off and dimming and brightening the RGB LED using the ATmega328P's PWM capabilities. If you are having issues connecting them, make sure it works. There's a simple code that you can use to check if it works. The code loops through the RGB LED pins and turns them on/off. And yes, better find a video tutorial. It will be more helpful. And for the future, if you will have some iPhone or other devices issues, you might check The BLE-Nano will be controlled by an iPhone using the BLExAR iOS software.
By rebeccabondvqt
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