I am designing a bluetooth device which needs to be reasonably low powered in quiescent mode - roughly 10mA to 20mA, and no more than about 100mA (average) in operation.

How do I select the correct Bluno device for the job? The selection chart does not identify a quiescent current or identify if any low power modes are available, and I cannot find any really detailed specs on any of the boards.

Where can I find the right information to make the decision?

Thanks for your help

Hi nana.wang,

Yes, I had done exactly this before I posted, but I cannot find any information in product specs or in the wiki comparison that identifies active or quiescent power consumption or even if they support low power modes.

I do find it rather odd that this information is not prominent as it is particularly important for people designing battery powered projects.

Could you identify any urls in the wiki or product pages that do have this kind of information?