Hi, I am an undergraduate student in electronics engineering.

I read the following link post and implemented it literally on blunonano.

https://wiki.dfrobot.com/How_to_flash_a ... service%3F

I removed the CC2540 from Blunonano, soldered the CC2540 I purchased from TI, and tried to upload the bootloader by connecting CC Debugger to the Download tab on the back of Blunonano.

There was no problem from the step 1 "Wiring", but there was a problem from the "Detect Chip CC2540" part of Step 2.

In the Smart RF Studio and Flash Programmer software, the CC Debugger recognizes but does not recognize the CC2540 chip.

Before I uploaded the bootloader using Blunonano's Download pins, I was able to upload the bootloader to the CC2540 using a socket. However, at that time, even if the CC2540 that was soldered to the blunonano, the PC did not recognize the chip.

How do I use the Debugger and CC2540 to enable port recognition on my PC?

The absence of problems with solder and pin numbers was confirmed by the lighting of Blunonano's L and ON LEDs and CC Debugger.

If you need more images or an intermediate process, I will add additional material. I would appreciate it if you could answer it quickly. :cry:
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techsupport wrote:
Wed May 29, 2019 9:48 am
Cause the downloader did not recognize the CC2540: not soldered or wired incorrectly.
You can give me the picture about these two parts, I will check it.

I uploaded what you said on the link above.

If you need more pictures, comment again plz.

Thank you.