By a.isaacs
I want to use Arduino Uno with BLE-Link controlled over Bluetooth by Snap4AArduino. It requires a baud rate of 57600. How do I set this? Is there a Bluetooth dongle that automatically adjusts the baud rate?
Hi, thanks for your support.
Please refers to the AT command accordingly.
"AT+UART" change the baud rate of UART

AT+UART=115200<CR+LF> Set the baud rate to 115200
AT+UART=?<CR+LF> Request the baud rate of UART (default: 115200,8,N,1)
By a.isaacs
Thank you. I understand what AT commands to use. How do I get the BLE_LINK into AT mode? Do I insert it in the I/O Expansion Shield? How do I connect it to my Arduino Uno? Do I use the AT switch? I've tried many things but none have worked. Do I need to update the Firmware?
Have you read through the product wiki, if not, please read it first by SKU No or product name.
By a.isaacs
Yes, I have read through the product wiki. It's very confusing, the English is not good, it goes around in circles and it does not provide the information that I have requested in my post. Please help with detailed instructions.
Please check the wiki and click links involved again.
I have checked it, and found results.
Wireless Programming via BLE
In this section, we will learn how to Upload the sketch on air via BLE.

Tools required

BLUNO (An Arduino Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) Board/Bluno Nano/BLE link x2
Micro USB cable x2
1.There are two different roles of BLE devices , CENTRAL and PERIPHERAL. So if we want establish transparent communication, one device should be configured to CENTRAL, while the other should be configured to PERIPHERAL.

2.Turn the switches to "AT"(Before V1.7)/Input "+++" (After 1.8) in the Serial port to enable the AT command mode.

3.Connect them with computer.

4.For the CENTRAL device, sending the following AT command :

Input : AT+BLUNODEBUG=OFF<CR+LF> Answer(Return):OK
5.For the PERIPHERAL one, sending the following AT command :

Input : AT+BLUNODEBUG=OFF<CR+LF> Answer(Return):OK
6. "AT+BLUNODEBUG=OFF" will make Wireless Programming more stable. However in this mode, you can not monitor the Serial port through USB on PC.

7. Turn the switches to "NORM"(Before V1.7)/ Input "AT+EXIT"(After V1.8) to exit AT communication mode.

8. Unplug the USB connection of the PERIPHERAL one, and use other external power supply like battery.

9. In seconds, the Link LED will be on, which means they have connected.

10. Click Upload, and sketch will be successfully uploaded to the PERIPHERAL device.

You have to choose the board of receiver in the setting "Tools > Board", i.e. if the sender is Bluno and the receiver board is Bluno Mega2560, then you should choose Mega2560. The wireless programming can be done in bi-way between the CENTRAL and PERIPHERAL BLE devices, but the speed is different, i.e. CENTRAL -> PERIPHERAL 2KB/s PERIPHERAL -> CENTRAL 4KB/s

Update BLE Firmware on Bluno(AT+VERSION to check )