By Selse1987

I'm doing a school project and i have to connect bluno to an android in goal of receive some data from this one. I tried to use the demo application and it works but now i have to create my own application but there is trouble. In fact, i have to put the pincode whereas i don't know this one. I searched a lot but i haven't it, i tried 1234, 0000, 19655 but it doesn't work. When i use the demo application, i haven't to put this pin code so i want to know how it's possible. I woud like to delete this code or even to avoid it so i would like to know if there is anyway to get the source code of their "blunobasicdemo" application to understand how they did.

I'm waiting for your answer
Thanks a lot
By arduinoblunotest
Hi Leff

I already tried this pin code after did some researches, i found that the pin code was 000000 ^^ but i succesfully paired the device but it doesn't want to work...
I understand that i "must" use your basic demo but i don't know what to do to customize it for my school project. Should i download any software ? How can i take out the source code of the demo app to make my own app ?
Thanks for answering quickly
By Leff
The pin code is for HID mode, maybe for advanced user at BLE area... I know few thing about HID mode

anyway, to develope Bluno Basic Demo need you know how to write code of iOS/android app...