i got a littele bit lost within this forum and i am new using TI-CC2540 based BLE modules.
To make a long story short:

I wan't to use BLE-Link XBEE as Central device to control LEGO BLE HUbs, and other BLE Controllers
As you may know at least the LEGO Hubs are BLE peripherals.

I was not able to find examples on how to use BLE -Links XBEE as central to do so.In additon, it was told that there is a library for arduino and that there are plenty of examples for the bluno boards that can be used as reference, i ws not able to find these examples in the wiki either.

XBEE - BLE-Link is used inside DF Robots gamepad for arduino.
In the end i wan't to use the the gamebad to control otther BLE periperals with given services .

Thanks in advance for your help on how to find additional nformations.

Have a nice happy new year
Greatings Marc.