By dfrobot

I have a Blune Beetle and a BLE Gamepad V2.

The BLuno is conenected to a string of WS2812b Leds. I am trying to write a sketch so when I press a button on the Gamepad the leds react.

I have managed to set the Gamepad as the CENTRAL and the Bluno as the PERIPHERAL. Made a unique BIND with the MAC address of the BLUNO.

When the Gamepad is switched on I get the 3 RX light blinks and then the 2 Rx light saying it is all connected.
When I press a button on the Gamepad the Tx light flashes which I think means they are communicating with each other.

However when I run the sketch below nothing happens.

I know it is not the led turning on and off code that is not working as it I have tested it on a none BLE comms sketch.

Any guidance would be appreciated

Many Thanks
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// Binnoccio Heart Program - Bluno Beetle Test Code
// Basic Functions Vr4

// Used libraries:
#include <FastLED.h>                    // Include the FastLed Library
#include "DFRobotBLEGamepad.h"          // Include the DFRobot BLE Gamepad Library

DFRobotBLEGamepad myDFRobotBLEGamepad;  //init the bluetooth Serial port

// Define Constants
#define LED_PIN 5
#define CHIPSET WS2812B
#define NUM_LEDS 46

//Define Variables
byte LEDBrightness = 55;
int LEDMode = 0;
int LEDState = 0;
int joystickLeftX, joystickLeftY;    //Left joystick value

// Define LED Array
// ----------------------------------------------------------
void setup() {
  // Soft Start


  // Define the LED array "leds" parameters

  // Pin Mode Setup
  pinMode(LED_PIN, OUTPUT);

  // Ensure LEDs off
  // FastLED.setBrightness(LEDBrightness);

  myDFRobotBLEGamepad.ButtonUpIsPressed(switchUpEvent);             // call the custom switch event function
  myDFRobotBLEGamepad.ButtonDownIsPressed(switchDownEvent);         // call the custom switch event function

} // End Setup
// ----------------------------------------------------------
void loop() {
  if ( myDFRobotBLEGamepad.available() ) {
    joystickLeftX = myDFRobotBLEGamepad.readJoystickLeftX();
    joystickLeftY = myDFRobotBLEGamepad.readJoystickLeftY();
  }   // End If Serial Read
} // End loop
// ----------------------------------------------------------
void switchDownEvent( void ) {
}  // End switchDownEvent
// ----------------------------------------------------------
void switchUpEvent( void ) {
}  // End switchUpEvent
// ----------------------------------------------------------
void FillLEDs(int x) {

  // Fill 0 to (x-1) in blue
  for (int j = 0; j < x ; j++) {
    leds[j] = CRGB::Blue;
  } // end for j loop

  // fill from x to NUM_LEDS in red
  for (int i = x; i < NUM_LEDS; i++) {
    leds[i] = CRGB::Red;
  } // end for i loop

} // End FillLEDs
// ----------------------------------------------------------