By moglia.richard
Hi :)

I have a question regarding the BLUNO. According to this topic, the AT command to send in order to switch into HID mode are the followings :


However, the BLUNO seems to be seen by Windows as a Bluetooth Keyboard, and not a Bluetooth GamePad. Further in the same topic, we see the key mapping seems to be affected with keyboard letters...

My question is, is it possible to change the HID mode (aka : the descriptor) from Keyboard to GamePad ? and if yes, how can I set the number of axis and buttons ?

Thank you :)
By Wendy.Hu

Sorry, you cannot change the HID mode (aka : the descriptor) from Keyboard to GamePad, the BLUNO is regarded as a Bluetooth Keyboard by Windows.
By moglia.richard

Thank for your answer :)

I see... that's very shame... :| The only module that I found with a true gamepad HID descriptor was the RN-42 but the number of axis and buttons is locked by the firmware and not editable :(

Do you know any other BLE module which allow me to write my own HID descriptor ? :o

Thanks :)
By Wendy.Hu
Sorry, I'm not quite understand what you mean, could you give me a picture about your gamepad and other devices? The gamepad in the topic is the Bluno controller that cannot be used as receiver.