Hello everyone! I just got my three amazing Bluno beetle boards and would need some help to make it working with the Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS).
I simply need to receive an event on the Bluno whenever the iPhone gets a notification. To do that, the Bluno has to be set in Master role, subscribe to a service which UUID is given by Apple and threat the received message.
I've been looking for a few hours to find a way to achieve that, with no results.
I found and tried to adapt the doc of the HM-11 (that uses the same chip - using the AT commands, with obviously no positive results) and directly the doc from TI, which was impossible to use because of their "ecosystem" (need to test using their software etc).
I read both the docs of Bluno and Bluno beetle, but I just can't find anything useful.

Would someone please help me? I would be just amazing!
Thank you!